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Words, Movement and Thought

Week of March 2, 2024

This playful workshop in freeing the body and the voice will include gentle movement, easy dancing, and guided practices in opening the voice and singing all conduced in a safe and supportive environment. Guaranteed to lift your spirits and ease your heart.


Nina Wise is a multifaceted writer, performance artist, and visionary known for her extraordinary ability to merge words, movement, and thought into a harmonious tapestry of creativity. Described by a New York Times columnist as “a metaphysical vaudevillian for the new millennium,” Nina Wise, founder of Motion Theater, is an artist who has invented a compelling form of physical autobiographical theater. Her unique performances thoroughly integrate movement and narrative in a seamless unfolding that brings one to tears, laughter and deep sighs of recognition about the human condition. Audience members and critics alike comment that they have not seen anything quite like Wise’s work before and are driven to blended comparisons—Martha Graham mixed with Robinson Jeffers; Lily Tomlin mixed with Jules Feiffer—and use words like “fresh,” “moving,” and “deeply human.”Ms Wise is the recipient of fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the California Arts Council, the Marin Arts Council, and her performance works have been honored with seven Bay Area Theater Critics’ Circle Awards. She teaches around the world workshops in creative expression, writing and meditation. Her book, A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life, was published by Broadway Books and her stories and articles have been published in numerous anthologies and journals.

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