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Yoga | Anne Van de Water

Week of April 6, 2019

Morning Classes

Connect with The Elements – Connect with Your Self

So much of the accumulated stress and tension in our modern day lives is the result of our disconnection from the natural world. One of the core teachings of the 5000 year old ancient practice of Yoga is that when we stay connected to Nature and the natural world it is easier to stay connected to our truest, deepest and highest sense of self. That is why so many of the Yoga poses are named after things in nature such as Mountain pose, Tree pose and Dog pose. One of the main philosophies of Yoga is that we are actually made up of the same things that the natural world is made up of.  In fact, for decades, scientists have said that humans are made of stardust, which is composed of all the elements, and current cutting edge research has proven that humans and our galaxy have about 97 percent of the same kind of atoms, and the elements of life.

Every day in our Yoga practice we will explore each of the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Light, Space and The Cosmos. When we tap into the gifts of the elements it helps us to connect with our true Self and feel more grounded, fluid, empowered, loving, authentic, wise and free. We will practice how to embody the elements through our yoga poses, breath work, guided meditation and positive affirmations. After you explore connecting with the elements in your Yoga practice you can continue to embody their gifts while out n about in the beautiful natural surroundings of Rancho La Puerta. 

For advanced beginners and Intermediate practitioners of Yoga.


Afternoon Classes

Restorative Yoga

A deeply healing yoga class utilizing pillows and blankets to support you in passive yoga poses while you soften into peace and stillness.  While relaxing in the restorative yoga poses you will be soothed by guided meditations, hands on healing and angelic singing. This class gently invokes a state of meditative calm and helps to dissolve away stress, tension and anxiety.

Appropriate for all levels of yoga experience.


Anne Van de Water has taught over 23,000 hours of Yoga since 1995 and carries an advanced credential with The Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. She is a teacher of Yoga Teachers and has taught over 25 Yoga Teacher Trainings. She is an Internationally Certified Life and Lifestyle Coach by The International Coaches Federation, is a Health and Wellness Teacher and is the creator of a Lifestyle Program called True Self Mastery. She teaches every month at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA., the leading edge center for the Human Potential Movement in the world.

Being in the Yoga zone is one of her favorite places to be and she looks forward to being at Rancho La Puerta where she first practiced Yoga with her Mama Bird when she was a young child. It was a far off dream then that one day she would return to Rancho La Puerta as a Yoga Teacher to give back the gifts that Rancho La Puerta has given to her.

This week of teaching Yoga at Rancho La Puerta is one of her lifelong visions come true and she looks forward to sharing the magical ancient art and practice of Yoga with you.