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Week of August 3, 2019

Karson McGinley is the owner of Happy-U Namasté Yoga Center in Ocean Beach, San Diego. A teacher for over a decade, Karson works to bridge the gap between the ancient wisdom of yoga and the modern science of happiness through her yoga classes, one-on-one coaching, and teacher training program. Karson’s classes are inspired by what goes on in the modern day life of a joy-seeker, using the power of music, laughter, and storytelling to take her students on a journey within. Drawing upon her background as an award-winning stage actress & life coach, Karson encourages others to use their unique strengths to bring something special to the world.

Level 2 Vinyasa Flow
A physically strong, spiritually deep yoga practice that emphasizes alignment, mindful transitions, & heart-centered movement. Expect sankalpa (intention-setting), chanting/ mantra, pranayama, meditation, and opportunities for inversions at and away from the wall.

Restorative Yoga
A gentle and relaxing class, requiring minimal energetic output. Expect to remain on the floor, in seated and reclining positions, both with and without props. This class is an ideal complement to your stronger practice and is also appropriate for those looking to counterbalance the effects of other athletic endeavors.