Yoga Samba with Luciana Freire - Rancho La Puerta
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Yoga Samba with Luciana Freire

Week of March 23, 2024

Born in Brazil, based in Corona del Mar, Luciana Freire has traveled the world apprenticing and training with the world’s most extraordinary healers, shamans, yogis, Ayurvedic doctors, meditation teachers and holistic experts. A coach, yogini, healer and lifelong seeker, Luciana is a dedicated certified Teacher and facilitator in Eastern and Western healing approaches. Her clients include celebrities, professional athletes, executives and others who are committed to living life to its highest potential. She has been a yoga instructor at Equinox for 8 years and has also taught yoga and Wellness Events at Montage Hotel, Pasea Hotel and Pelican Hills. Luciana is passionate about sharing her love for sustainable health, happiness and transformative healing.