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Week of May 11, 2019
Yoga for EveryB.O.D.Y. 
Is an all levels yoga class that builds foundational understanding of the practice. Students will leave the week at The Ranch with tools to take to any class to keep them safe, healthy and feeling knowledgeable.
Restorative Meditation combines gravity-assisted yoga poses to improve posture and stretch the body is a safe and gentle way with fundamental meditation techniques. While  receiving the benefits of gentle stretching students will leave the week with a deep understanding of building blocks of meditation and mindfulness.
Shayne and River reside in Aspen, Colorado. They have been teaching as a dynamic  mother and daughter duo for over 20 years. They integrate a therapeutic approach that makes yoga accessible to all ages and body types.  Enjoy yoga for Every B.O.D.Y. and witness your practice flourish and evolve no matter what your level of experience is.  River developed  a practice called Restorative Meditation, in which relaxing, gravity-assisted poses lengthen connective tissue around the spine to create better posture, while simultaneously learning foundational principals of Mindfulness and Meditation.
Shayne Morgan was born and raised in San Diego and graduated from U.C.S.D.  Her mother ventured up the coast to Parmahansa Yogananda’s  hermitage and brought home “Autobiography of a Yogi”, introducing her to yoga and meditation. Shayne took  her daughter River to Yogananda’s Lakeshrine Center on a regular basis. River now practices and teaches with  her two children, four generations of yoginis.
Shayne and River had a wellness column in the Aspen Daily News and are featured on  Depak Chopra’s Jiyo Health app and The Healthy Life Project Channel. Shayne and River have taught together at The Aspen Institute since 2006. They also present at conferences such as The American Renewable Energy Summit, the Aspen Idea Festival, The Aspen Security Forum, and The Aspen Environmental Forum. Shayne and River taught Yoga for Cyclists workshops and retreats at the Carmichael Training Center in Santa Barbara and the Snowmass Wellness Conference.
Shayne and her daughter have facilitated many Yoga Adventures in Mexico and Colorado
Shayne Morgan has studied Integral, Iyengar and  Ashtanga yoga. Her teaching integrates these three styles of yoga. Shayne runs the yoga program for Timbers Resort Group in Snowmass, Colorado.
River Morgan (EYRT-500) has been teaching yoga and meditation since her teens. River’s background as a professional dancer and Gyrotonic instructor deeply informs her alignment-based yoga classes.  River has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Aspen Peak Magazine, Yoga Journal, Gaiam Catalogues, Healthy Planet, Elephant Journal among other publications . River is also assistant director of The Farm Collaborative.