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Reduce Stress and Get Better Sleep with Hypnosis

Stress and sleep deprivation are major health concerns today and often go hand in hand. Isn’t it true that when we’re worried and stressed we have trouble sleeping?  Also, if we haven’t had a good nights sleep that causes us to be tired and stressed during the day?  Bee Epstein-Shepherd, Ph.D. visited the Ranch recently where she talked about how hypnosis can cure both of these issues.

During her talk, she asked the audience what made them stressed.  The answers were common to all of us; money, work, relationships, etc.  One person said driving in traffic.  Bee asked her what made driving in traffic stressful and she answered that it takes too long to get from point A to point B.  Bee then suggested that instead of being stressed that it takes too long, take this time that you have all to yourself to relax, enjoy some nice music or a good audio book.  By the time you reach point B, instead of feeling stressed you should feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Bee then went on to talk about sleep and that the main reason people have trouble sleeping is worry.  Worry is what keeps our brains awake and going throughout the night.  No matter how many other things you try to do to fix your lack of sleep won’t work if you still have worry on your mind.  She said the key is to think of a good memory or even a fantasy that makes you content and totally at ease.  Combine that with deep breathing and your mind will drift off to sleep.  The worst thing to do is think about what you have to do the next day, how early you get up or what you didn’t get done today.

It’s actually a rather simple process.  Bee said that she has no problem falling asleep anywhere at any time just by following those two steps.  You can learn more about Bee at her site