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Ballet with Anatoly Sisman

I never knew ballet was such a good workout.  After taking the Ballet for Adults course with Anatoly Sisman and Roni Mahler earlier, I realize it’s a killer workout.  Anatoly Sisman is the real deal.  He’s a former soloist dancer with the Lviv Sate Ballet and was trained in the classical school of Russian Ballet from the age of 7.  Currently he teaches at the San Diego Civic Youth Ballet.

Taking ballet lessons from Anatoly made me feel like I was in a real ballet studio getting ready for a performance.  I had missed the first couple of classes of the week so I was a little bit behind the other students.  Anatoly helped me with my posture and told me to hold my head high like a princess and push my wings back.  Easier said than done, but I eventually got it by the end of the class.

We mainly worked in the first position and the fifth position doing all sorts of leg lifts and arm movements.  We had to keep our toes pointed and legs straight.  Let me tell you, this is a great workout for your glutes and upper legs.  I was really feeling sore by the end of the class, but honestly I love that feeling.  It means my muscles are tightening up in my behind area and what women doesn’t want that, right?

Since taking Roni’s class and now Anatoly’s, I’ve really gained a new fondness and respect for ballet.  First of all, it does make you look like a princess with it’s emphasis on posture.  Second, it makes you more graceful, which I definitely need and third, it’s great for toning.  So if you want to look like a beautiful graceful fit princess, consider taking some ballet!