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A Groom’s Experience at the Ranch

When my fiancé (now wife) suggested that she and I go to Rancho La Puerta and try out their “Bride and Groom Bootcamp at the Ranch” I smiled and nodded as any good guy would do and said, “Yeah, babe…let’s do it!” while in my head thinking that this was going to be a long week of touchy-feely, getting in touch with my inner spirit sort of boring vacation.  Man, was I wrong.  Everything exceeded my expectations.

With all that we had going on for the wedding…all the planning, sending out invitations, picking out flowers and centerpieces, etc. etc., we were both so worn down.  I didn’t really notice how much of a toll all this stuff was taking on my overall well-being until I got to Rancho La Puerta.  We had a beautiful villa that had 180 degree views of the surrounding mountains.  Just the overall calmness and serene vibe of the property alone is enough to put someone perfectly at ease…but that was only the beginning.

As I stepped foot on the property I immediately felt decompressed…and I hadn’t done anything yet.  We arrived on a Saturday and after getting settled in, we went and had lunch.  In addition to roasted veggies, salads, and soups, they had an olive bar with homemade mozzarella!  I seriously could have sat there and ate just that the whole day.  We even took some back to the room to enjoy later with some wine from one of the local wineries.  Basically, every meal we ate was full of flavor but left out all the unhealthy stuff.  Breakfast and lunch are buffet style and dinner is a full three course meal complete with dessert.  It was great because it really gave me a kick-start to eating better and helped get me fit for the wedding.  I never had to worry about counting calories or watching what I was eating because I knew that what I was being fed were only the best ingredients.

Besides the amazing food, the activities also helped get me in shape for the “big day”.  I took a men’s circuit training class and man, did that really burn some calories.  I tried yoga for my first time and really liked it.  It even helped my knee which I had fallen on weeks before.   After the classes it didn’t hurt anymore.  I’m absolutely going to start doing yoga at least once a week now that the wedding is over.  The activities are endless and the best part is, you can choose to be super active, or you can relax and use the time for reading, lounging by the pool or even getting a massage.

As part of the Bride and Groom Bootcamp special, my fiancé and I were treated to a couples relaxation massage in the room.  The massage was exactly that…relaxing.  I also got a facial which I don’t normally do, but since it was included in the package, I took full advantage.  It felt surprisingly revitalizing.  They really do a great job at the spa there and when I go back, I definitely plan on trying out other treatments that they offer.

My experience at Rancho La Puerta was so valuable.  It gave my fiancé and I a chance to put all the wedding stuff to the side for a while and spend some quality time together.  It also got us in great shape.  Rancho La Puerta is such a magical place and you can feel it in the trees and mountains that surround the resort. I can’t imagine how stressed I would’ve felt if I hadn’t visited the Ranch for the bride and groom boot camp.  It really helped get me relaxed and prepped for the upcoming wedding.

I hope to visit the Ranch again sometime soon.  I’m working on convincing some of my friends to come down with their wives as a couple’s weekend.  This way I can take advantage of the tennis, volleyball and basketball facilities with my buddies too.  All in all I had a great time and I really can’t wait to go back.