Interview with our Fitness Manager, Nathan Briner - Rancho La Puerta
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Interview with our Fitness Manager, Nathan Briner

Most of you who have been to the Ranch know Nathan, our Fitness Manager.  Nathan also teaches Postural Therapy, Yoga and Stretch here at the Ranch.  We were lucky enough to get an interview with Nathan. He describes his journey to fitness, how he stays in shape and how you can too!

Kate Bello: Have you always been interested in fitness?

Nathan Briner: Not always. I studied geophysics for my bachelor degree. However, 15 years ago I started down the road of health and wellness, and I never looked back.

KB: What’s been your journey from the moment that you decided that you wanted fitness to be your career to ending up here at Rancho La Puerta?

NB: I have studied many modalities since I began my journey, ranging from weightlifting to neurology, physical therapy to yoga. I began my journey in earnest with a world-renowned fitness guru named Todd Durkin and helped him build some of his programs. From there I ventured out on my own to learn as much as I could about health as a career and as a lifestyle.

KB: What’s your favorite class to teach at the Ranch?

NB: Yoga level 1. The fundamentals. I love this class because the students of all ages come in with a clean slate. Their minds are eager to absorb the ideas put forward in class and invariably I am able to witness someone break through a boundary, be it physical or mental, and emerge stronger.

KB: How has the Ranch changed you and how you apply fitness to your own life?

NB: The Ranch affords me an opportunity to be who I am and share what I love. My practice has become who I am and having an audience that has a thirst for knowledge is a perfect match for my desire to convey what I have learned.

KB: What advice could you give a guest so that they get the maximum benefits from all the activities that the Ranch provides without “overdoing” it?

NB: Remember that we are trying to connect people with a deeper sense of themselves outside of work, the duties of life, the grind. The point is not to come and destroy oneself with 6 hours of fitness but to sift through the classes and find what inspires you. Take that inspiration and look for someone in your home town who can help you fan the flames. And hopefully, eventually that passion will begin to live you.

KB: Are there any new fitness trends that you’re excited about?

NB: The neurological responses and effects of movement on the body.

KB: What is your exercise routine, and how do you stay in such great shape?

NB: It changes often as I listen to my body ask for what it needs. But I use yoga as my teacher. I will use kettlebells for power and deep strength. I will also run 2-3 times a week. But I always come back to the yoga; for the insights, for the truths that I need to see. It always delivers.

KB: Currently what classes are you teaching at the Ranch?

NB: Everything but dance and water classes.

KB: What are your other interests besides fitness?  Inquiring minds want to know!

NB: Kite boarding has become a new fascination for me. Nothing like being out on the water with nothing but the wind and a board to take you somewhere.

KB: Any last words of advice about staying in shape for our readers?

NB: Your body knows what it needs. It speaks those needs to you all the time. In order to better hear that voice and reap the rewards we have to spend time interacting with that body. Not mindlessly doing exercise because it is supposed to be good for us, but moving with awareness, with a willingness to see the body’s truths. Rest assured that before too long that voice, that body will become a new best friend.