Hot Latin Cardio Dance with Manuel! - Rancho La Puerta
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Hot Latin Cardio Dance with Manuel!

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A must-do when you come to the Ranch is a dance class with Manuel.  Whether it’s Striptease or Hot Latin Cardio, you will be guaranteed to be entertained and have an amazing time.  Manuel is the man!  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the dancing because you’re laughing so hard, but don’t get me wrong.  This is a serious workout.  I was panting from exhaustion by the end of Hot Latin Cardio.  Of course, I also did Cardio Muscle Blast and Dance Cardio Hip Hop.  Yes, three cardio classes in one day which I definitely don’t recommend!  But given that my time was limited at the Ranch, I couldn’t pass up Hot Latin Cardio, my last class of the day.  And even though halfway through the class exhaustion crept it’s way through my body, I still had a blast.  I wasn’t going to let a little fatigue get me down!

Here’s the thing that I learned about Latin dancing.  It moves fast.  Whereas with hip hop, I could easily pair the steps to the beats of the song, I had trouble doing this with Hot Latin Cardio.  I also had trouble keeping my torso still and moving just my hips, which is key.  Needless to say, I have a new respect for salsa dancing and the cha cha.  It is hard!  But whatever, we were all in the same boat in the class.  None of us were professionals.  So as we tried to keep up, there were giggles here and there and lots of smiling faces knowing we were all going through this together.  Getting prepared for our performance in front of the mirror (if you’ve taken Manuel’s dance classes before then you know about this)!

Thankfully we had Manuel helping us every step of the way!