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The Lowdown on Mercury and Health Part II

In Part I Yvonne Niedstadt discussed mercury in fish and the best and worst choices for fish.  Now we move on to other potential mercury dangers to be aware of.

Mercury could also be in your mouth:  Another, sometimes overlooked source of mercury is your teeth.  So-called silver fillings are an amalgam comprised of approximately 50%- 70% mercury.  Many European nations have banned or are considering banning such fillings while the debate still rages in the U.S.  The ADA and FDA still maintain that it is safe.  But things may be changing.  Several states have proposed bills that would ban the placement of amalgam in the teeth of pregnant women and in children under 18 years of age.

It could be in your vaccines, too:  Yet another source of mercury is from multiple use of vials of vaccines.  Since the 1930s, theimerosal (ethyl-mercury), which contains almost 50% mercury, has ben used as a preservative in vaccines to control fungi and bacteria.  While more expensive, mercury free, single use vials are available.

For more info on the subject of mercury in vaccines check out the work of former emergency room physician Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  Her two-hour video Vaccines: What the CDC Documents and Science Reveal is available on her website:  Incidentally, California banned thimersal in vaccines in 1999 and in 2004 saw a drop in the incidence of autism.

Dr. Mark Hyman MD posted a thorough article on mercury titled:  “Mercury Part II:  Getting Rid of the Poison.  The article, dated 12/13/06, documents that the mercury in amalgam and in the vaccines rapidly converts to ethyl mercury and travels directly to the brain.  He says these are the real culprits causing a host of health issues from autism to dementia and many physical problems.  Dr. Hyman states that the mercury in fish is not a significant contributor to mercury poisoning.

And in those energy-efficient light bulbs: Please be sure to recycle them with centers equipped to deal with hazardous wastes.  (FYI Ikea stores recycle them).  If you break on, leave the room for 20-30 minutes to allow the mercury vapor to evaporate.

And in your high fructose corn syrup: A study conducted by Dr. David Wallinga found that 50% of the samples of HFCS containing products tested positive for mercury.

Stay tuned for Part III where Yvonne discusses ways to rid your body of heavy metals and toxins.