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The Lowdown on Mercury and Health Part III

In Part II Yvonne Niedstadt discussed potential mercury dangers to be aware of in daily life.  In Part III we discuss managing the toxin problem:

Eat high fiber foods:  Fiber helps to more rapidly remove waste products including environmental toxins from the body, preventing them from being readily absorbed.  Additionally, some of these high fiber foods contain agents that bind toxins.  Especially helpful are: rutin, CoQ-10, garlic (fresh or Kyolic, cilantro, parsley, alfalfa, pectin, potassium, copper chelate, zinc chelate, selenium and chromium.  Phytates (a plant-based phosphorus found in the outer covering of beans and whole grains) also blocks mercury up-take.  Kelp and other seaweed, especially agar, are rich in alginates which absorb toxic metals.  Spirulina algae (Sun Chlorella is best) is also potent as a metal detox aid.  Japan’s Chibu University found that spirulina reduced adverse effects including kidney poisoning caused by mercury contained in drugs.  Modified Citrus Pectin has been shown to be very effective in binding heavy metals and removing them from the body.

Take Selenium and Zinc:  There is a metabolic antagonism between mercury and selenium and zinc which results in the protection from poisoning by mercury if these minerals are taken.  The RDA for selenium is 50-200mcg daily.  Up to 5,000 mcg may be given therapeutically (best under supervision at this level as selenium, like all trace minerals, can be toxic if over consumed).  The RDA for zinc is 15 mg, but up to 100 mg may be taken short-term.  Reference Toxic Metals and Human Health by Lawrence Wilson MD

Try Probiotics:  High does beneficial bacteria may help (environmentally, bacteria are being used to detoxify methyl mercury by converting it to less toxic elemental mercury).  Anecdotal evidence exists that with the use of acidophilus, bifidus, soil-based organisms and other probiotics over time; the mercury can be effectively sequestered and propelled toward expulsion.  (100 – 500 billion organisms have been safely used – standard is now about 100 billion).  Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, 11/02

Use proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes:  Heavy metals such as lead and mercury exert their poisoning effect by biding to ionizable or sulfhydryl groups of proteins including vital enzymes.  Once bound, they denature or inhibit the protein or enzyme.  This can lead to nerve damage, degenerative disease or even death.  Supplemental proteolytic enzymes when taken on an empty stomach readily move through he intestinal mucosa and into blood circulation.  In clinical observation, high doses of these enzymes have been shown to significantly reduce heavy metal concentrations int the blood.  Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Nov. 2002

Stay tuned for Part IV where Yvonne discusses more ways to rid your body of heavy metals and toxins.

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