A Day on Our Organic Farm - Rancho La Puerta
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A Day on Our Organic Farm


Sometimes there is nothing that calms my mind more than being surrounded by Mt. Kuchumaa and flowers in bloom.  Yesterday we spent time with Chef Denise Roa and head gardener Salvador Tinajero on our organic farm, Rancho Tres Estrellas.  The weather was beautiful, a warm 80 degrees, the flowers were blooming and there was an overwhelming sense of calm and happiness permeating the air.  It’s hard to feel anything else when you’re surrounded by such natural beauty!

We wore sun hats and picked rosemary, endives and carrots straight out of the soil, tasting them along the way.  We smelled all the flowers in bloom and hung out with the working bees floating from flower to flower.  We drank hibiscus tea in the sun, reading cookbooks from our mini library in the Cocina.

After our day at the farm, we hiked along the Organic Breakfast Hike trail back to the Ranch through green meadows, under shady sunlit trees and over tiny creeks.  This lovely day spent in nature reminded us to be grateful for this beautiful magical life.