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Hot Riverstone Massage

A few years ago, before I moved to California, I worked at a top rated spa on the East Coast. One day a client asked where the stones in the hot stone massage came from. The staff snickered. Who would ask such a question? Why does it matter? While the Spa Director took the time to research where the stones were sourced from, the therapists joked that the stones were harvested from an “organic” local lake by “fair-trade” workers who were ethically treated.  We knew that the stones probably came from a spa supplier on the Internet.

Fast forward to the present. I now work at Rancho La Puerta and was lucky enough to be the recipient of the Ranch’s incredible Hot Riverstone Massage. Stones were used to knead my knots into non-existence. The heat melted my tensions away. This massage literally pampered me from head to toe, as the massage therapist took great care to place tiny stones between my toes until I felt my feet gently expand. During the treatment I jokingly asked, “Where do you get the stones from?”

The therapist explained that all of the stones come from rivers in the area and that she had, “handpicked stones that would complement the contours of the body. I picked out lightest stones that fit nicely into my hands.”

The fact that the stones were from nearby areas and handpicked encapsulates the essence of the Ranch. Every detail is carefully considered, and all materials are chosen with great care. If you have not yet experienced the Hot Riverstone Massage,  I strongly recommend that you try it!