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Deborah’s Monday-Night Tradition Continues

Who says being in your nineties is a time to slow down? 

Now approaching 93, Deborah continues her fast-paced schedule of not only being at the Ranch, but also leading her project and meeting with food and environment leaders such as Michael Pollan, author of “Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “Food Rules,” Ken Cook, head of the Environmental Working Group, Oran Hesterman, scientist and President of Fair Food Network, food journalist Mark Bittman of The New York Times, and Michael Jacobson, head of Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Deborah’s lectures continue a Ranch tradition that dates back to the earliest days, when guests gathered in the shade of two intertwining oaks that formed an arch (or “door”—la Puerta) each afternoon to listen to Edmond Szekely. He held forth on innumerable topics from  health and philosophy to science and the environment. Above all, he advocated “the simple life”—one that celebrates fresh air, pure water, just-picked organic fruits and vegetables, and exercise.

Eventually, after many years of running the Ranch herself as well as creating the Golden Door, Deborah felt she could find the time to sit down with guests as well and share some of her wisdom—based on her experience of observing tens of thousands of guests and how they benefited from a week or more during which they could “renew, reflect and redirect.”

She’d seen what works in a fitness resort, and what didn’t. She’d introduced guests to everything from the newest fitness trends and spa treatments to unusual experiences like the labyrinth. She’s always been a voracious reader of health news, and today her advocacy work regarding America’s obesity epidemic, school lunch programs, over-reliance on pharmaceuticals, and many other topics keep her remarkably current.

For example, recently we heard her say, “The key to aging is the passion to get something done. For THAT reason you exercise. For THAT reason you eat right. You have to have a reason to work hard. That’s what gets me to the gym each day. Passion is the number one secret to aging well—it’s never about how long you live, but why you live.”

Throw in her great sense of humor, and you have an evening in Oak Tree Pavilion that will be a highlight of your week. This time of year there’s a fire in the fireplace, so pull up a cushion and settle in—you’re in for an hour spent with a woman you will never forget.