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Ranch Remedy Wrap

I had never had an herbal wrap before recently experiencing the  RLP Remedy Wrap.  Essentially it is a body steam, which is perfect for me because I love a good detox in the steam room!

The beginning of the treatment is an herbal wrap, which consists of steaming hot linens steeped in local herbs. The linens are then wrapped around the body for 25 minutes. This is meant to warm, cleanse, and detoxify the body, and I can attest that it does. After the wrap portion of the treatment, I felt limber and relaxed. Now I fully understand why this wrap is recommended prior to having a massage. It makes the massage more enjoyable because it helps to release muscle tension.

After the wrap, the therapist removes the sheets and gives a full body massage.  I have to say, this was one of the most relaxing massages I’ve ever, ever had.  The wrap made such a difference in the therapist’s ability nourish my sore muscles with massage.  Plus, I felt deeply relaxed before the massage even started, so it was even more enjoyable.

You can enjoy the RLP Herbal Wrap as a stand-alone treatment, or choose the Remedy Wrap, which includes a massage afterwards. 50 and 90-minute treatments are available.