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Our Organic Juice Bar, Tierra Alegre

Tierra Alegre, which translates to “Joyous Earth.”  Located outdoors next to the Activity Pool, the bar offers seasonal, organic cold-pressed juices and smoothies.  All of the offerings are organic, raw, vegan, soy free and gluten free.

“We’re very excited by the quality and vitality of these ingredients. We’ve developed some beautiful and tasty recipes, and of course the setting is fantastic,” says Denise Roa, Executive Chef at Rancho La Puerta. “We’re passionate about sharing the importance of caring for our bodies through juicing and this juice bar offers guests the freshest produce in its raw, most nutrient-dense form. Each cup we serve embodies the values of The Ranch and Tres Estrellas. It represents the hard work of our farmers, the seasonal bounty of our organic farm, the care with which the juice is crafted, and the nourishment we provide to our guests.”

Organic Juice Bar Rancho La Puerta 3

The Tierra Alegre juice bar allows Rancho La Puerta to offer the freshest juices possible with produce harvested from Tres Estrellas. Any produce needed in addition to the farm will come from local, organic producers. The completely seasonal menu’s ingredients are harvested the same day the juice is produced and are always at their peak in both flavor and nutrition. Juices are made to order, allowing the freshness of the juice to be consumed within the first 20 minutes which is the best time to drink the juice to receive all of its benefits.

Dan Fenyvesi, Nutritionist at Rancho La Puerta, shares, “For those who are not big fruit and vegetable eaters, juicing provides a convenient and enjoyable way to obtain those missing vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.”

The farm-to-juice menu includes the signature Ranch Living Green Juice (kale, romaine, bok choy, cucumber, celery, mint, ginger and lemon – pineapple or superfoods are optional), a carrot juice, and seasonal offerings. All organic, cold-pressed juices are made directly on-site at Tierra Alegre. The smoothies include nut, rice or coconut milk and guests can customize their smoothies with supplements, specific to their fitness and wellness goals. Guests will have the option of customizing their drink with super foods such as turmeric, flax, cacao, ginger and chia seeds.

Organic Juice Bar Rancho La Puerta 4

In keeping with The Ranch’s sustainability practices and eco-friendly operations, the Tierra Alegre otganic juice bar serves 16-ounce juices and smoothies in glasses, sans plastic and straws. All leftover rinds, pulp and other fruit and vegetable scraps are sent to our farm’s organic compost operation.

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