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Face Toning Treatment

I sat in the cosmetologist’s chair slightly nervous and a little fearful of trying something new. After a great time at The Ranch it was almost time to go home, and I wanted to look my best. I decided to experience something different, so I opted for the Men’s Face Toning treatment at the Villas Health Center. I was hesitant since I don’t normally go for this type of spa treatment and was concerned the results would look artificial.

The Men’s Face Toning treatment uses serums and trinity-backa micro-current tool called NuFACE to give a temporary non-surgical facelift. It focuses more on muscle stimulation than on skin cleaning. Micro-current technology has been around since the 1930s, and was used in World War II to stimulate and accelerate wound healing.  In the 1960s micro-current technology was discovered to stimulate acupuncture points resulting in collagen and elastin growth; proteins that hold tissues together and allow them to stretch. NuFACE was developed by an aesthetician in 2005 who figured out how to package this technology into a small, hand held device that’s FDA-cleared.

After my skin was cleansed and serum was applied, a gel was swept across my cheeks that allowed for the medal orbs of the NuFACE to gently glide across my face and buffer my skin. It felt like a gentle massage.  The orbs were held to different areas of my face for a few seconds, and then the device softly beeped when it was time to move along to another area.  After half my face was done, the cosmetologist held up a mirror and I saw the contrast between the treated and untreated sides.  It was obvious right away.  My skin looked fresher and tighter.  The lines around my eyes were less pronounced, my face was a little more toned, and my forehead was a little smoother.  After finishing the other side, I felt confident I would go home looking completely renewed.

The Men’s Facial Toning treatment was a pleasant surprise and the results lasted for about three days. It was like a workout for my face, putting the contours to their rightful place, my jawline a little more tightened and strong.

There are a couple treatment options available that use the NuFace at The Ranch.  The Men’s Facial Toning lasts about 30 minutes.  The Face Toning and Makeup treatment lasts a little longer and uses natural mineral makeup without synthetics or parabens.

For continued treatment and results, there’s a consumer version of NuFACE for sale at The Ranch’s health centers.  They recommend using it about five minutes a day for longer lasting results.  I am a fan and recommend that you try this treatment!