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Jane Iredale at Rancho La Puerta

Famed jane iredale “Skin Care Makeup™” revolutionized the cosmetics industry 21 years ago because it was the first color cosmetic line with clean ingredients to benefit the skin.  As a green beauty pioneer, Jane Iredale has greatly impacted the way the entire cosmetics industry views ingredients and the health benefits of makeup. I had the pleasure of attending a talk at The Ranch by the leader of skin care makeup herself, the strikingly beautiful Jane Iredale.

Jane’s lecture was riveting, informative, and inspirational. She opened her talk with the story behind her line. In the early ‘90s Jane worked in the entertainment industry and regularly saw models and actresses caked with makeup that damaged their skin. These careers of these women depended on their looks. When their complexions were ruined, they were less likely to get jobs, and as a result their self-esteem suffered. Jane’s “aha” moment arrived when she realized she could solve this problem by creating makeup that was good for the skin. Not only would this benefit women in the entertainment industry, it would transform every woman’s experience with makeup.

Why makeup? Jane professed, “The better we feel about the way we look, the stronger our immune systems are.” Jane constantly hears from people who feel judged by others due to their skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and psoriasis. The stigmas attached to these skin conditions can affect jobs, relationships, and feelings of self-worth. Jane’s makeup can help boost people’s feelings of well-being, because it can enhance their natural beauty and simultaneously allow their skin to heal.

Jane declared that, “80-90% of the signs of aging are due to the sun.” It’s essential to wear sunscreen daily, and jane iredale mineral makeup provides outstanding physical UVA and UVB sun protection. Jane explained that if a woman applies a moisturizer with sunscreen in it in the morning, the active ingredients will have worn off by lunchtime. Instead of taking off all of her makeup and reapplying the sunscreen, the simple solution is to dust mineral makeup with SPF on the face. Jane went on to say that men need sunscreen too, and that her husband applies the H\E® men’s line of powder sunscreen religiously. Still, Jane recommends getting 20 minutes of daily screen-free sun to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D, and she recommends consuming vitamin D supplements fortified with calcium as well.

Since Jane sits on the board of two cosmetics industry groups, she knows for a fact that her products undergo the most strenuous cosmetic ingredient testing possible. Her makeup is high quality, clean, gentle, fragrance-free, and will not clog pores. Jane’s talk reminded people to carefully evaluate what they put on their skin by considering the ingredients and testing that goes into their beauty products. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the jane iredale makeup sold out at The Ranch during the week of Jane’s speech.

jane iredale mineral makeup is available at the Villas Health Center and the Women’s Health Center at Rancho La Puerta. It is also offered at fine salons, spas, apothecaries and medical offices in over 40 countries. Visit janeiredale.com to learn more and find a retailer near you.