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The Gemstone Reflexology treatment at the Villas Health Spa at Rancho La Puerta left me and my feet feeling relaxed and relieved. Before the treatment I believed I carried most of my stress in my shoulders, however the experience revealed that I also carry a great deal of stress in my feet. After the treatment, I felt like I was wearing my favorite fluffy slippers. My feet were very happy.

Marilu started the session on a relaxing note by waving a summery citrus oil in the air. Then, with my eyes covered, she cleaned my feet and gave them a slight shake before gently applying pressure to different points on my sole. These energy points, she said, correspond to different parts of the body and release energy, stimulating circulation. Marilu rolled a round quartz ball around my soles using a steady pressure and motion.  The ball felt cool on my heels and its smooth surface felt good. Next, Marilu used a flat smooth quartz stone that was about the size of a bar of soap to continue the massage. She glided it across my foot, triggering multiple pressure points all at once.

When Marilu was done with my right foot she repeated the process on my left, slowly using her fingers to apply pressure before using the stones. By the time she was done with both feet, a highly enjoyable 50 minutes had passed.  It wasn’t until I started walking that the full benefits of the treatment became more apparent.  I felt lighter, less burdened and the ground felt softer. I savored each step and felt less hurried. Marilu’s touch and pressure made my feet so happy that I drove home from The Ranch barefoot!

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