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Five Tips for New Guests to Rancho La Puerta

Docent Bonnie Fenton’s top five tips for new guests to Rancho La Puerta. Bonnie has over 25 years experience working in Health and Wellness with the Alzheimers Association and as a Family & General Therapist. She visited The Ranch for a combined 30 weeks over the years before becoming a Docent.

1. Get here and expect awesome. Guest are always surprised how beautiful The Ranch is.

2. Try something different when you visit. If you do Zumba at home try Cardio Drum or Striptease.

3. There are a few must do’s while you’re here:

a. The Organic Garden Breakfast Hike is beautiful and magical. The organic garden is well loved; they make a really good breakfast.

b. Deborah’s talk about the history of The Ranch is inspiring.  Her ability to reinvent herself and rise to new challenges is amazing. She’s one of the most optimistic people I’ve experienced.

c. Bingo with Barry is just fun.  He’s funny and watching people get excited about winning a 25 cent ceramic prize is hilarious.  Plus, the air popped popcorn is delicious.

4. Relax at the spas and lounge in a hammock.  The Ranch is all about finding a place to rest, relax and refresh yourself.

5. Get a locker at the Men’s or Women’s Health Center and leave your workout clothes there.  You won’t need to go back to your room to change or shower.

In addition to these five tips for new guests, here’s a few more worth mentioning:

The food! Ask for a combo at dinner and get a sample of each entrée. You can take food to your room, ask for an alternative if you want something else.  Let the staff know of if you have any allergies or dining preferences.

• The art.  The artists working at The Ranch are fantastic. The numerous installations around the grounds are gorgeous.

To learn more about the Rancho La Puerta guest experience,  check out our post on why you should come to The Ranch!