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Hydrating Warm Stone Deep-Moisture Facial

The Hydrating Warm Stone Deep-Moisture Facial at The Ranch’s Villas Health Center is a trifecta my favorite facial treatment elements; warm stones, light exfoliation, and deep hydration. No extractions happen during this treatment so it stays as pleasant as it sounds and leaves me oh so relaxed.

This time of year the dry winter air pulls the moisture out of my skin and leaves it irritated and flaky. My regular skin care routine helps, but sometimes it’s best to call in a professional.

The esthetician at the Villas Health Center and her natural skin care oils came to my rescue. She used a natural cleanser and a warm cloth to clean my skin. Then, she softly exfoliated my face to remove any dry skin that may inhibit the full benefits of this soothing treatment. The mild cleanser she used felt cool and refreshing. My sunny smile could start to emerge from the winter sized serving of dry skin and stress of the past few months.

To really seal in the moisture, smooth warm stones were lightly moved across my forehead, temples, and cheeks.  This, the esthetician told me, would help further relax my facial muscles, and allow the hydrating oils to saturate my skin with their supple and firming benefits. The soft touch of her fingers went to work for a massage that relaxed my temples and cheeks.  I was told our facial muscles carry strain and tension into other parts of our bodies.

To wrap up the treatment the esthetician gave me a gentle neck and shoulder massage leaving my whole upper body free feeling fresh and ready for whatevers next.

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