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Adding Fresh Ginger to Enhance Digestion.

With its knobby physique and pale, paper-thin skin, ginger will never be considered the handsome leading man or curvaceous beauty of the produce section. But ginger holds a position of great respect amongst both the world’s most advanced cuisines and healing traditions. Let’s look at some of its most renowned attributes:

First of all, ginger is a wonderful aid for digestion. It cuts fat, stimulates and warms the digestive system, and increases agni (digestive fire).

Ginger increases circulation and is also a great tonic for the respiratory system. It reduces toxins and is anti-inflammatory.

Have morning sickness or motion sickness? Try ginger!

This “warming herb” will increase pitta (fire) in your body and decrease Vata (air and space) as well as Kapha (earth and water). Consider carefully if you have acid reflex.

How to use ginger as a tonic:

Slice up some fresh root, put in water and bring to a boil; simmer for about 10 minutes. You can make this tonic-like drink as strong or weak as you like. Ginger tinctures and tablets are available in health food sections at your local market and good to take on vacations when you may encounter stomach distress.

Stay warm and decrease mucus with ginger especially during this Kapha season.

Use it in your cooking:

Vegetables, soups and sauces can all be boosted with a little ginger.

Ginger tinctures and tablets are available and good to take on trips.

You can even have some crystallized ginger, one of my favorite treats.

Carla Levy C.A.S., Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, is a graduate of The California College of Ayurveda and a professional member of The National Ayurvedic Medical Association.  In 2005 Carla introduced Ayurveda to the Ranch. She is deeply committed to assisting clients in achieving optimal health and balance in their lives. She has a private practice in Carlsbad, CA.