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Inner Fitness with Emily Boorstein

How do we create healthy inner dialogues that nourish and allow ourselves to go forward with grace and honesty every day? One begins with the understanding that we cannot manifest peace in the world without first seeking it for ourselves. Tapping into ancient spiritual traditions and modern research in neuroscience and psychology, Coach Emily teaches her Inner Fitness Program with a grace and wisdom that fills five classes over the course of five days—proof yet again that The Ranch can be the perfect environment in which to explore and take risks so that our better selves can flourish. Here’s a look at my notes for a five-day course with Emily (approximately an hour each day). You’ll see the sense of expansiveness and possibility that occurs!


Day 1.

The Big Shift — How do we move from fear to love and truth? Fear is that cranky, stuck-in-the-mud anchor that keeps us from growing and evolving. How do we heave our old baggage free from the murkiness below the surface (a place of unhealthy habits and inner negative dialogue) and sail anew toward the shores of possibility? Sometimes we just need to pause, take a deep breath and relax.

Day 2.

Healthy Inner Dialogue: Where Thoughts Matter – How can we avoid reinforcing negative behavior that tells us, “You should be doing this, “ or “ What’s wrong with you?” That pouty plea “It’s not fair,” or the need to please everyone (it can rule your day!) comes from that unconscious adult you’ve made inner friends with. It’s time to shred that tape loop and begin a new narrative. Take the plunge into adulthood and allow your “Nurturing Parent” to help you be able and ready to respond to the world with creativity and wisdom. The Nurturing Parent can be the inner voice you cultivate: it guides you, day by day, with love and truth, to becoming your true adult.

Day 3.

Emotional Fluency and Permission To Feel — Learn to climb out of constrictive emotions like hurt, blame, anxiety, and hatred, and move toward the expansiveness of love, happiness, satisfaction, hope and trust. Learn to powerfully embrace your full range of authentic emotions to live a satisfying life.

Day 4.

A Powerful You: Ownership and Responsibility — Just as you set sail, there’s that boat anchor of negativity dragging you down again. With tools from this class we learn to step out of blaming, victimhood, and stress toward empowerment and choices that help us live our best life. Negative thoughts and criticism give way to positivity, power, and creating a magical journey.

Day 5.

Manifesting Your Best Life and Your Dreams — How do we let go of the quest for perfection and learn to live with self-acceptance, self-worth, confidence, and self-respect? In this last class, we build on the previous lessons to enjoy the journey. With the right tools for the journey, we can say, “This is going to be exciting!”

Discover the perfect week to explore your Inner Fitness at Rancho La Puerta.