The La Puerta Core Essentials® Facial
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The La Puerta Core Essentials® Facial

Put Your Best Face Forward with the La Puerta Core Essentials® Facial

Have you tried the La Puerta Core Essentials® Facial yet? This skin-plumping, stress-melting, and glow-inducing spa experience is incredible. It uses the La Puerta Core Essentials® face care line to bring out the best in your skin.

I took this restoring and cleansing spa treatment at the Villas Health Center, and my therapist was a skincare expert with over 20 years of Ranch experience. She began the facial by examining my sensitive and dry skin. She then massaged my décolleté, face, and head with the La Puerta Core Essentials® Intensive Eye and Lip Serum. The beautiful aroma of rose and neroli instantly calmed me.

Next, my hair was wrapped in a towel, my face was cleansed, and old skin cells were softly buffed away with the Herb and Flower Exfoliant. My therapist did this for what felt like two minutes, ensuring that she meticulously cleared away any impurities. After she wiped off the herbs and flowers, my face was steamed. Since I had requested extractions, my now open pores were gently cleansed. Afterwards, I felt my skin being soothed  and toned with a cotton pad soaked in the organic Neroli Hydrating Mist.

My therapist dabbed on the Soothing Gel Mask to my T-zone, where she had cleaned my pores, and painted the Antioxidant Crème Mask on the other areas of my face. While the masks worked their magic, my neck and shoulders were massaged. I almost fell asleep, but before I had the chance, the mask was removed with a wash cloth and replaced with the Hyaluronic Hydration Mask. As my therapist rubbed in the treatment, I realized that I had total spaaaaah brain. I felt like I was on cloud nine. My face was misted with the organic Lavender Hydrating Mist, which I inhaled deeply. The comforting aroma transported me to the fragrant fields of Tres Estrellas.

While my skin was still dewy from the mist, I felt the Herbal Face Serum being delicately smoothed onto my face. My therapist explained that since she used the Hyaluronic Hydration Mask, there was no need to apply the Calendula Moisture Crème. Since my facial took place in the afternoon, the Sun Protection with SPF 30 was patted on as a final step. After my therapist gently rolled her fingers over my shoulders, neck, and head one last time, the 80-minute facial was complete. I emerged from my treatment feeling euphoric, and later I received several compliments on my silky, luminous, and hydrated skin.

All the products in the La Puerta Core Essentials® facial are available at Rancho La Puerta’s Skin Care Centers and online at