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August at Rancho La Puerta


Set your intention toward creativity and engage your imagination while you play with us in August. For a day of laughter and memories, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from our art studio to the pool and gyms. Then, in the gentle stillness of the evening, when the sun has dropped behind the hills, enjoy the calm as the day exhales and gives way to the magnificent blues of twilight. It’s been a day of play. But now is the time for stillness and feeling the gentle breeze. Be still with us in August.

July 29 -August 3

Family Week

What’s that giggling coming from the hammock? It’s a group of kids laughing and having fun in the shade of one of our giant oak trees. Join us for one of our most energetic weeks with all your favorite Ranch activities, plus family-focused fitness, art, and cooking, all while building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. Learn more.

August 4 – 10

The Magical Medicine of Exercise with Dr. Jordan Metzl

Join us for a week with a pioneer in the relationship between fitness and medicine. Develop your own preventive health regimen from Ironstrength founder Dr. Jordan Metzl. In a series of lectures that correspond with many of his popular books, he’ll teach you to line up your heart, brain, and bones toward an axis of healthy exercises and fitness routines that will help you be successful. More.

August 11 – 17

Cooking Class with Isabel Cruz

A great meal helps make great memories. Join author and chef Isabel Cruz for amazing meals you’ll help prepare at our cooking school. Blend Latin dishes with a sprinkle of Asian influences for a fun night at La Cocina Que Canta.  Isabel is known for simple and healthy recipes that delight your senses and celebrate togetherness. Learn more.


August 25 – 31

Visual Storytelling Photography Workshop with Betty Adler and Sarah Claxton

Rancho La Puerta is known for its digital detox approach to the perfect week. Cell phones stay put away except for designated areas. With mother and daughter dynamos Betty Adler and Sarah Adler Claxton, you are encouraged to bust out your cell phone camera and create beautiful photos. They’ll help you explore Rancho La Puerta and create amazing pictures with your camera or your smartphone during their Visual Storytelling workshops. More.

See other life-changing opportunities at Rancho La Puerta, and let one of our Experience Planners help you decide on the perfect week for you, your friends, and your family.