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Scalp Treatment for Hair Growth

I envy ladies with long locks. I have been trying to grow my hair beyond shoulder-length for what feels like forever. I do everything I can to encourage my strands to reach farther down toward my lower back. Specifically, I take “beauty” supplements full of biotin, collagen, and other natural glamour aids. I trim my hair on the regular, avoid hot tools and hair dye, and apply coconut oil to my head at night. My diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids. Still, my hair doesn’t cooperate with my desires.

Recently my hairdresser suggested that I treat myself to a monthly scalp massage because the external stimulation would help my hair grow. At that moment I realized I had yet to try The Ranch’s Scalp Treatment, and I signed up for it on my very next visit. I soon discovered how this blissful 50-minute experience marries the best of skin care, hair care, and relaxing massage.

Delightfully, the treatment began with a La Puerta Core Essentials™ mini-facial. As my therapist cleansed, toned, and moisturized my face, I deeply inhaled the delicate aroma of each product. Of all the beautiful scents, I especially loved Intensive Eye and Lip Serum’s rose fragrance. Then she gently massaged my neck and shoulders. I felt myself sink deeper into the heated massage table as tension rolled off my body. Ahh.

Next my scalp became her focus. I felt like putty as she gently kneaded my head, and got chills (in a good way) as she vigorously brushed my hair and scalp. When she applied a mixture of warm coconut, rice bran and jojoba oil, I began to teeter on the edge of sleep, but (like a true professional!) I didn’t allow myself to drift off on the job. She artfully arranged my hair into a high, braided ponytail, and wrapped my entire scalp in a special heating pad. As the oil deeply penetrated every strand, she returned to giving me another neck and shoulder massage. Now I truly was in a state of pure serenity!

As I left the treatment room, my spa therapist reminded me to leave the oil in my hair for at least a couple of hours, to wear a shower cap if I went in the sauna, and to avoid the sun shining on my now-lustrous locks.

That night I washed my hair twice. My hair felt silky, my scalp very, veryclean, and I soon received a compliment on my shiny mane. I made a mental note to get this treatment as often as possible.

Later, I caught up with Tere Ochoa, The Ranch’s Spa Director, who explained the properties of the treatment’s three oils:

  • Coconut – improves scalp health, supports hair growth, adds volume and shine
  • Rice Bran – prevents dandruff, reduces split ends, and contains Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to help prevent premature graying
  • Jojoba – moisturizes and prevents hair loss

Even after a week, my hair felt better then ever and looked fabulous. I was super-happy! Oh, and I promise to update this post once my hair grows all the way down to my waist.

I suggest booking the Scalp Treatment in advance of your visit, which you can do here. Enjoy!