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Radical Well-Being

Katheryn Trenshaw is an artist, author, and the Creative Director of the Passionate Presence Center for Creative Expression. She will be with us the week of November 30, 2019, presenting Living Awake: Grief, Grace, and Gratitude. She will also join us the week of December 7, 2019, to co-present Women Living With & Beyond Breast Cancer.


This is an invitation to take some simple “recipes for well-being” into YOUR day-to-day life. 


How can we be comfortable with discomfort? Perhaps the answer to this holds the ultimate key to resilience, fluidity, and sustainability that we are seeking for our well-being.


A few years ago, I was entirely caught off guard at a moment when my basic understandings of beauty, health, and well-being had to be redefined. It is scary and magnificent to be alive. Facing our mortality up close and personal can do incredible things for our perspective. At least it did for me.


“Bigger, better, faster, more,” are not working out so well, generally speaking. Radical well-being is more about living awake, vulnerably with what is, rather than what could be, should be, or would be. 


I love a good list. My friends call me a “list queen.” What’s on your To DO list? And what happens when you consider it in conjunction with the fact that you are going to die? I also love a good Venn diagram. And the one above is my current favorite.

 There, in the sweet spot between To-Do List(s) and Awareness of Death, is what matters most and what is essential in life. Let’s live while we are here, aware of our impermanence. Let’s remind ourselves and each other what is essential in that sweet spot in the Venn diagram. Let’s consider the importance of being a little kinder, no matter what happens next. We’ve all got that same fatal condition called life.


Let’s be curious and creative and fall in love with the awkward uncomfortable reality of everyday grief and embrace not knowing what to do.


Rancho La Puerta has invited me and some fabulous collaborators to come and offer workshops on this very topic as an important part of health. We’ll be sharing lots of fabulous “Recipes for Radical Well-being.”


What are your favorite ingredients for radical well-being? Which ingredients do you find essential in that sweet spot?


Come feast with us.


Katheryn M. Trenshaw will be co-facilitating the workshop series Living Awake: Grief, Grace and Gratitude with Dr. Lilli Rosenberg from Nov. 30 – Dec. 7, 2019, and she will present with Dr. Ulrike Schoneck in another workshop called Wild and Precious Life: Women Living With & Beyond Breast Cancer from Dec. 7-14, 2019 at Rancho La Puerta. Katheryn will also be a featured artist in The Ranch’s Bazar del Sol Gallery for several weeks in November.