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Heartful Holiday Tips

The holidays can bring extra busy-ness into our lives and with all of the rushing around, it is much too easy to miss out on the meaning behind it all. Mindfulness coach and author, Keith Macpherson offers 3 suggestions to ensure your holidays are full of heartfulness and meaning.

Stop, Breathe, Listen, Act– When you find yourself rushing through the motions of holiday madness, let this be a sign to literally stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what is most important in this moment. Take action based on what your inner voice guides you to do.

Love On Circle– One of my favorite activities we do as a family during the holidays is to gather around and take turns loving each other. Go around the circle and spend a few moments giving everyone an opportunity to be celebrated with kind words and gratitude. This will bring much more heart to your holiday celebrations.

Daily Gratitude Reflection– At the end of each day, spend a few moments reflecting on what you are most grateful for and take the time to write it down. Cultivating a practice of gratitude, especially around the holidays opens your heart to give and receive more authentically.

Keith Macpherson is a mindfulness presenter at The Ranch and author of the book, Making Sense of Mindfulness. Sign up for his free ABC’s of Mindfulness Online Course.  See who will be presenting with us next.