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Bounce Class

I am reasonably fit and attend a regular spin class at home. When I heard of Instructor Alejandro’s Bounce class I thought, “no sweat, I got this.” Not only was I drenched with sweat, but I also had a lot of fun. Be sure to grab a workout towel on your way into Kuchumaa Gym to dab your forehead. You’re likely going to need it.

“This will be a fun class,” Alejandro says at the beginning. “If you normally do another cardio class, this will challenge your body since it’s probably different than what you’re used to.” And with that, he invites us to step onto the mini trampolines and tells us to keep our legs soft and our knees slightly bent. You don’t want to drive your weight through your knees. “Allow our bodies to slightly flex and absorb the bounce,” he tells us.

“There’s a big difference between bouncing and jumping,” he tells us. “When you bounce, you use your core muscles, and it’s safer. If you jump like on a typical trampoline when you’re a kid, you don’t have as much control of where you land.”

He then turns up the music, and we gently start to bounce to a 120 beats per minute soundtrack. We start easy. The springiness of the small trampolines takes a little time to adjust to. Then we begin to jump from side to side, run in place, bounce on one leg, and keep our heads and shoulders stationary as we push down through our legs.

We don’t take any breaks, so my body moves the entire time. There is no coasting or pauses. I feel my quads burn and love every minute of it. The timing of the class was near perfection. As soon as I have that burning muscle sensation from a hard workout, Alejandro has us back off by changing the intensity of our bounce or alternating the load-bearing leg.

This class was surprisingly different from my regular fitness routine at home. I pushed my body to its comfortable limit, and look forward to getting “my bounce on” again.

When you attend this class be sure to wear cross-training or workout sneakers. All fitness levels are welcome.

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