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The View From Here with Life Coach Emily Boorstein

Life Coach and founder of the Inner Fitness Program at Rancho La Puerta Emily Boorstein first visited Rancho La Puerta with her mom as a kid. Now she visits The Ranch as a Specialty Presenter teaching her Inner Fitness program. These five, 45-minute lessons are offered weekly by Emily or other coaches and are designed to help you heal old emotional wounds and transform your life. The workshops teach practical tools to meet and navigate life’s challenges and to inspire people to the possibilities that surround you. “The View From Here” is a chance to reflect and learn a bit about our presenters.

What is your earliest memory of self?

I think I was in kindergarten, and it was math time. We got cookies and milk and laid down in a circle on the floor. To this day, nothing makes me happier than cookies and milk while lying down on the floor.

What have you done to have a positive impact on yourself? 

I try to make everything I do have a positive impact. Even the stuff that I mess up I learn from because I believe that everyone and everything is an ally on this journey. I would have to say that becoming a life coach and really beginning this journey of self-discovery and awareness was the beginning of what is a life of positive impact. It doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes, but I’m much better at recognizing when I do and getting deep learning from it and turning it into an ally.

What is an ally?

You want friendly allies for sure. But first, you become your own best ally instead of leaning on other people to lift you up. But if you’re beating yourself up internally and you are your own bully in your inner world, then it won’t matter how many friendly allies you have. The first ally has to be yourself. Then, your allies will be real relationships with real people.

How do we build allies on this journey?

I don’t know that we need to build them. I think allies show up. Sometimes allies show but are not pleasant- a boss we don’t like, an illness, an incredibly painful relationship. If we can be open to the possibility that these are teachers and opportunities for education, then you can be reflective and learn from them.

Do you have a motto?

Be kind to yourself and others. Or, if you’re in, be all the way in.

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