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Kajkab’s Chocolate Bark Three Ways

This chocolate bark is one of our favorite recipes to make with leftover chocolate! It’s easy to make and you can use almost any ingredient to make it interesting and delicious as well as mixing all of your chocolates into one recipe. 

For this particular recipe, we are using different combinations of unsweetened roasted organic coconut flakes, zest of Meyer lemon, cacao nibs (roasted, cracked, and shelled pieces of cacao beans), chia seeds and organic dried figs. You can easily find Cacao nibs at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, or Amazon.com. Try different combinations, avoid repeating them as it’s more interesting to have contrasting flavors For example, coconut flakes can be substituted by dried bananas, dried mango, or any kind of dried fruit. Cacao nibs can be substituted by nuts, seeds, or even granola! 

Suggested Ingredients: 

Chocolate: 50gr – 100gr
Cacao nibs, granola, seeds or nuts: 3tbsp
Coconut flakes, dried fruit flakes: 3tbsp
Meyer lemon zest, any citrus skin or zest: ¼ tsp
Dried figs: 1 fig, thinly sliced. 


Melt the chocolate by stirring constantly on a double boiler (don’t let the water boil) or use a microwave (20 seconds at a time) and stir after each cycle 

After the chocolate is melted, add cacao nibs, crushed nuts, or granola 

Once everything is properly mixed, put the mixture on a silicone mat, parchment paper, aluminum foil, or even a plate and spread it out 

Visually partition the mixture into 3 sections. Add coconut for the first section. Add dried fruits, and lemon or citrus zest for the second section and the rest of ingredient for the third section. Try different combinations as you wish but try not to repeat the same combinations for different sections as it’s more interesting for contrasting flavors 

Let the bark cool down inside a fridge or a freezer. After cooling down, time to break it with your hands and enjoy!