Brown Sugar-Honey-Flower Scrub Recipe - Rancho La Puerta
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Brown Sugar-Honey-Flower Scrub Recipe

This natural body exfoliant recipe is from Cooking with the Seasons at Rancho La Puerta. The last chapter of the cookbook is dedicated to refreshing, smoothing, and pampering your senses. A light and gentle scrub will do wonders.

Step into the shower and use your favorite bath mitt to gently scrub yourself all over with this natural skin treatment. Rinse with warm (not hot) water. The coarse sugar exfoliates* while the oil and other ingredients condition and nourish the skin.


1 cup brown sugar

¼ cup honey

¼ cup almond oil

2 teaspoons fresh flower petals (rose, lavender, or calendula)


Combine all ingredients in an unbreakable bowl or container.** Scrub body with a bath mitt, then rinse.

Look out for bees, you sweet-smelling thing!

*Don’t use coarse exfoliators such as sea salt on inflamed skin or areas of active breakouts. 

 **Note: use an unbreakable container and be careful- the oils can make the shower slippery.