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My Freedom Is in Your Hands

My Freedom Is in Your Hands by Jacques Verduin

I wash my hands for you.
Every time I wash my hands, I think of you, the other, as myself
And I smile.

My freedom is in your hands and yours is in mine.
Every bit of care I bring to this gesture, I dedicate to the mystery of you, the other, who invites me to connect with you.

I reach out to hold you and rejoice in how the water blesses both of us in this practice. I can no longer disregard you.
I can no longer wash my hands of you, and your fate. I wash my hands for your fate;

My freedom is in your hands, exactly where it belongs​.


Founding Director & Minister of Transformation
Jacques Verduin, MA Somatic Psych., is the Founder of the GRIP (Guiding Rage into Power) Program, a best-practices, comprehensive offender accountability program.  He has a 22-year history as a subject matter expert on prison rehabilitation programming, a record of successful pioneering and sustaining programs, and has cultivated a sizable network of connections in the field. Currently Director of Insight-Out, Mr. Verduin founded the Insight Prison Project, which under his leadership produced the Victim Offender Education program. His efforts helped birth the Prison Mindfulness Initiative, the Prison Yoga Project, the Insight Garden Project, Veterans Healing Veterans, among others. All of these organizations are actively replicating. In addition to California, he is a consultant to the US State Department, and he and his staff has travelled abroad to train professionals in Guatemala, El Salvador, Bosnia, and the Netherlands.