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Assistant Village Manager Sandy Mora

The Residences at Rancho La Puerta is a village-inspired community comprised of two, three, and four-bedroom Casitas, Casas, and Villas. Our 82-year reputation as a leader in wellness now extends into shared and whole ownership. Our exciting partnership with Elite Alliance helps extend that same care to our residential opportunities. The company’s responsibilities include all aspects of the homeowner’s association management, fractional sales consulting, shared ownership, and rental management. The Residences at Rancho La Puerta also participates in Elite Alliance’s Exchange Program.

We are excited to introduce Sandy Mora as the Assistant Village Manager for The Residences at Rancho La Puerta. She’ll be extending that same care and attention to detail she has as the former Front Desk Manager at The Ranch.

What are your responsibilities?

First, I work closely with the operations team to ensure all services are communicated to our owners. I’m also responsible for the common areas. The staff members are highly trained to deliver the friendly community experience expected when visiting Rancho La Puerta. I believe it is essential to deliver a personalized experience for every owner and guest who stays at The Residences. We incorporate the wellness philosophies of The Ranch. Overall, I consider my responsibilities ever-changing to encompass our owners’ needs, making sure their experience at The Residences exceeds their expectations.

What is Elite Alliance?

With over 30 years of experience, Elite Alliance has set the standard for excellence in fractional real estate consulting, hospitality management, and vacation exchange. These three distinct areas uphold the responsibility to provide exceptional service, commitment, and dedication to delivering unsurpassed standards of quality found nowhere else.

The hospitality division has 20 years of experience managing boutique hotels, resorts, and residential communities. Their exchange program has opportunities to travel worldwide to over 120 sought-after destinations.

For me personally, the company has provided growth and development. I’ve learned so much as an Elite Alliance Hospitality (EAH) team member. It makes me proud and thankful to be a pioneer in this community. I can already see the positive impacts from EAH in the Residences’ development, providing premium services, quality standards, and a positive village experience for all.

What parts of The Residences are you most excited about?

I am excited to be a part of it all: Connecting with the owners and developing relationships with their families. I also enjoy providing my leadership and experience to the other team members.

What did you do previously at The Ranch, and for how long?

I have worked for The Ranch as its Front Desk & Concierge Coordinator for over five years. I used to oversee up to 40 team members. I worked closely with the concierge staff, drivers, cashiers, and phone operators. My 20 years working directly at The Ranch, practicing and delivering its philosophies to every guest, led to my ability to deliver outstanding hospitality service. It’s a privilege to provide exceptional service to our guests and owners. I will take action and give people a reason to believe that anything is possible while staying at The Residences.

What are a couple of questions you’re receiving from new owners?

We want to provide as much information to our owners as possible, so we have created a secure website just for owners that offers significant information. We continue to add content, and owners can contact me directly should they have any questions.

Some of the questions I receive are: What activities are we having? What does access to RLP look like? When will the renting program start? How are the HOA fees managed? When will RLP Services be available? This information is all available on the website.

What’s the best way for owners to contact you?

Great question! Owners can contact me by email at I am available at any time throughout the week. We are adding staff members who will also be available to assist. If owners visit The Ranch before their residence delivery, I’d love it if they let me know. It’s an excellent opportunity to introduce myself, and I want to connect with every owner to ensure their needs are met.

Who should people contact if they’re interested in buying into the community?

Another great question. Karla Cabriada oversees the sales department and will be happy to assist them. Karla can be contacted at

What is the impact you see the Residences will have on the city of Tecate?

I’m excited for my city of Tecate. The Residences will create more job opportunities for the people living and building families here. It is a beautiful place to live and visit, with phenomenal restaurants, local shops, and activities that the owners and guests will enjoy as they explore.

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