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Cardio A Go-Go

Kymberly Williams-Evans recently brought her high level of fun and fabulous dance moves to Cardio Dance week. We couldn’t have had a better time while breaking into a sweat. In her Cardio 60’s Go-Go class, we learned how to do the lawnmower, the swim, the jerk, and a handful of other groovy arm-swinging moves while getting in a fun-paced 45-minute workout. It was part of her Cardio Dance week which included dance moves and songs from Motown, Latin, and Disco, 

“My focus or goal with the class,” she told me as we caught our breath after class, “is not so much the choreography or the dance. That’s the means to an end. My goal is for people to have fun in their bodies, feel happy, and move. So my tagline is your heart rate does not know if your feet match mine. It’s not if I go right, you go left. It’s not about the choreography. The underlying principle is to make it a great cardio workout. The secondary goal is to learn some moves from that genre and that era. If guests leave and are saying, ‘Oh my gosh. Now I know that disco lawnmower or I had so much fun reliving the Motown songs’ or if they’re singing along, that’s success for me. It’s low complexity, low intensity, and free expression.”

Accompanying Kymberly was singer April Mosebrook who was visiting as a Guest Presenter doing a one-woman show of musical memories. April was dressed in white boots, round glasses, and a bucket hat and was the perfect accomplice to keep the cardio party moving. “This was some of the most fun I had all week,” she beams after strutting down the dance line. “This class and seeing the joy on everyone’s face helped make the week much more fun.”

April helped finish the class by singing a great version of Unchained Melody. It was hard not to channel my inner Austin Powers and dance to lunch.