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First Timer Tips and Not To Miss Opportunities

Docent Luisa McCarthy greets you with a smile and the joy you expect when you arrive at The Ranch. Her experiences as a guest, a presenter, and a docent give her a deep understanding of how to get the most of your week. I asked her for three of her “not to miss” opportunities for new guests.

  1. One of the first classes should be to attend “Set Your Ranch Intentions, Tips for a Magical Week.” In this introductory class, guests can reflect on why they are visiting and what motivated their trip. Staff share insider tips for a deeper dive to help you get the most out of your transformative week.
  2. First-Time Guest Orientation. This class is given by our fitness instructors to guide you through all the fitness and lecture offerings and help you have a wonderful week. If you don’t know what Cardio Sculpt Express or Tabita HIIT is then this class will help you. It’ll help you get out of your comfort zone, learn about new classes, and try something new. This may be where the magic starts. You may learn to love something new and develop a new skill.
  3. Take The Ranch Tour. Guests are moved by the intertwining paths filled with fresh flowers and the mountain sage aroma that gently greets you along your way. You’ll discover little hidden spots as you walk through The Ranch that are so beautiful and peaceful and that you can come back to enjoy on your own or with someone you love. We also introduce a few key spots like the Main Lounge, where there’s always hot water and tea, and a few other places to orient you during your stay.

In addition to being a docent at The Ranch, Luisa McCarthy is the Director and Producer of the largest traditional Día de los Muertos celebration in San Diego County.  Luisa grew up traditionally celebrating Día de los Muertos in her hometown of Mexico City. Her passion has been to attend similar celebrations in other cultures around the world. Although Luisa has a master’s degree in Business Management from the University of Redlands, her heart is in community service.