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During my last stay at Rancho La Puerta, I got a little carried away blissfully snoozing under the warm sun and beautiful Mount Kuchumaa at the Villas Pool and ended up with a bit of a sunburn (did you know that all three pools at Rancho La Puerta have sunscreen available? I did, but it turns out it works best if you reapply after swimming). My skin was feeling tender so I took a trip to Villas Health Center for a Rosemary Loofah Salt Glow to initiate the rejuvenation process. This treatment consists of an herbal exfoliation using fresh rosemary and rosemary essential oil to stimulate blood flow and promote healing. Rosemary is the star of the treatment because it is known to be vastly beneficial to circulation and provides recipients with a lovely energy boost. It was just what I needed!

To begin, my practitioner, Lynn, rubbed a dry loofa over my entire back body. I dry brush at home before the shower most mornings, but the coarseness of the loofa made this clearing more effective. I was like a piece of uneven wood being sanded before painting. It reminded me of the “home exfoliations” I used to do as a kid at the beach; I would rub sand all over my legs and arms before I knew what exfoliation was or how wonderful it is for skin. The spa’s method seemed more effective since you don’t need access to a beach to do it, and half the sand at the beach doesn’t end up coming home with you. 

When the work surface (my skin) was a consistent texture and the dead skin cells were removed (goodbye sunburn!), Lynn replenished my thirsty cells with a handmade rosemary salt scrub consisting of oatmeal, sea salt, body oil, and fresh rosemary she had just picked before my appointment. She used her hands to apply it to my whole back, leaving few surfaces untouched. I even had salt between my toes! It really did feel like a day at the beach. When my back was sufficiently salty, she had me turn over onto it and proceeded to follow the same loofa and scrub steps on the front of my body. I felt revitalized as the rosemary worked its magic and the salt cleared away my sad cells. The oil seeped into the next layer of epidermis that would become the skin I showed to the world. I wondered if this is how snakes feel when they shed their skins. Shiny and new; confident and recharged. Ready to take on anything.

The treatment room where Lynn worked her magic is specifically designed for scrubs and includes a shower. When I was fully covered in salt, she had me rinse off with water only, no soap, as to not overpower the pleasant rosemary scent or strip my skin of its newfound moisture and shine. When I got out and dried off, I returned to the table for a fabulous massage with rosemary lotion. My newly uncovered, never-before-touched skin sang under Lynn’s hands and greedily absorbed the thick, luscious product. I experienced a twinge of disappointment when she announced she was finished but it was quickly replaced by excitement when I realized I got to go show my glow to the world. The rosemary smell was subtle, so I picked a small sprig to carry with me as I walked around The Ranch that afternoon to remind me of the utter bliss I was lucky enough to experience.

To achieve soft and supple skin at home, you can recreate this luxurious treatment with simple items you likely already have on hand. 

Rosemary* Loofah Salt Glow Recipe
3 Tablespoons organic ground oatmeal
2 Tablespoons sea salt
2 Ounces organic rosemary body oil
1 Tablespoon rosemary leaves, finely chopped

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl then add the oil and rosemary and mix until thoroughly combined.
*May substitute rosemary with herbs of your choice.

Thank you to the Villas Health Center team for arranging this treatment for me. A special thanks to Lynn for making me shine.