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Head to Toe Relaxation Massage

The allure of the Head-to-Toe Relaxation Massage captivated me from the description before the treatment began: The melted oil from a natural massage therapy candle is used to gently massage your body. Relax as you experience long, nourishing strokes from scalp to toes.

My journey into 90 minutes of “moisturized” bliss awaited me at the Villas Spa. Much more than a physical experience, this massage became a mental eraser, sweeping away my stress and unveiling a better version of myself.

The masseuse, Bernice, offered a choice of Pino Massage Candles, each offering scents like lemongrass, lavender, honey ginger, and coconut mint. After careful consideration, I chose Lime Bamboo. The wick was lit, and the candle’s wax transformed into massage oil, filling the air with a tropical paradise fragrance.

Face down on the table, my masseuse, Bernice, drizzled a dollop of the warm oil onto her hands and gracefully waved them under my nose, allowing the aroma to soothe my senses. With smooth circular motions, she worked her fingers through my hair and onto my scalp, gently wiping away the turbulence of my day.

The warm candle oil glided her fingers across my back as Bernice continued. A bird sang and chirped, serenading me outside the window. The reflex points of my feet were expertly massaged, amplifying the sensation of relaxation.

Upon turning over, I noticed that the massage table had been heated. The comforting warmth dissolved any lingering thoughts, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the treatment. When Bernice reached my feet again, she enveloped them in warm oiled booties, sealing my fate in a tranquil state of bliss.

It’s hard to pinpoint what awakened me from this deep trance—was it my snoring or the gentle touch of Bernice signaling the completion of the treatment? Despite my attempts to stay awake, the gentle massage had transported me to profound relaxation, leaving me deeply nestled in la-la land.

My skin felt hydrated, and I emerged from this tranquil experience feeling rejuvenated and genuinely fantastic. That night, I slept amazingly, a testament to the effectiveness of the Head to Toe Relaxation Massage.