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Welcome Eliezer

We’re thrilled to introduce our new General Manager, Eliezer Quinones, hailing from Puerto Rico with a rich tapestry of experiences leading him to The Ranch. Each step in his journey has shaped his remarkable leadership and warm personality.

What are your responsibilities?

I oversee the staff and administration of The Ranch, including The Residences. I am responsible for employee satisfaction, encompassing training, development, and recognition. Additionally, I manage the guests’ experience, ensuring a deep connection and emotional support. Financially, I oversee sales and marketing and strive for a responsible and respectable return on investment.

How did you get into Hospitality?

From a young age, baseball was my passion, leading me to college and eventually to a professional team, the Cincinnati Reds. During the off-season, I worked out on the beach and noticed the hotels along the coast, which intrigued me. An injury marked the end of my baseball career, and I pursued my interest in hospitality by starting as a bellman at a hotel in Puerto Rico. This experience revealed my passion for connecting with people and laid the foundation for my career in hospitality.

How did playing baseball shape your leadership perspective?

Baseball instilled discipline and emphasized the importance of training and repetition, just like in the hotel business. Recognizing and developing talent and embracing failure as a part of growth. There’s nothing wrong with failure. You learn from failure. In baseball, you’re a hero if you have 10 at-bats and get three hits. You have a 300-batting average. You’re a hero. You go out every time for a chance at bat and understand that there will be a chance for you to fail, but you have to look at the opportunity. And you concentrate on the actual achievement. Focusing on successes has been an invaluable lesson from baseball that applies to leadership in hospitality. It’s all about consistency, talent, and building on achievements.

What surprised you about The Ranch?

The robust and loyal customer base and their profound connection to The Ranch amazed me. Their stories of healing, growth, and finding solace demonstrate this place’s exceptional nature. The stunning location and the dedication of multi-generational staff members are additional surprises that make The Ranch an outstanding community.

What intrigued you about The Ranch when you applied?

The Ranch’s complete focus on wellness is what captivated me. It’s a pioneer in wellness, and the authenticity of its approach sets it apart. The personal connection I felt with the founders and the positive reviews from friends further fueled my interest. This opportunity aligns perfectly with where I am; it felt like the right place at the right time.

How do you define wellness, and how does it guide your leadership?

Wellness is about maintaining balance in the soul, spirit, mind, and body through consistent habits and activities. Spirituality acts as the life force energy that drives and empowers an individual. In leadership, I strive to instill this holistic approach, promoting wellbeing within the staff and integrating it into our guests’ experience.

Do you have a favorite place or class you like at The Ranch?

I have yet to experience all the classes, but I’m particularly drawn to circuit training—it’s invigorating and only takes 45 minutes. The post-workout feeling is fantastic. What I’ve noticed about all the classes is the instructors’ ability to make them enjoyable. They motivate you to focus on proper posture and form, showcasing their excellence in what they do.

Additionally, I enjoy spending time at the Bazaar, especially in the evenings. The setting is fantastic; you’re right here at The Ranch, near The Residences, and it offers privacy. It’s cozy both in the day and night. If you’re looking to find a guest between five and six o’clock, that’s likely where they’ll be. I make it a point to visit and chat with people there four times a week. It allows me to be in a relaxed environment, engage with our guests, and for them to get to know me. I find great value in interacting with our guests, and as the GM, it’s crucial for me to have these opportunities to gauge how we’re doing and listen to their stories and what The Ranch truly means to them.

What would you like The Ranch community to know about you as a person?

Seeking first to understand is the cornerstone of my approach. I aim to contribute my experience while respecting and preserving the essence of The Ranch. Upholding its fundamental values and philosophy as we grow is my priority. Collaborating closely with Deborah and Sarah Livia, I’m committed to embracing the legacy and history of The Ranch while contributing my unique perspective. At the end of the day, we all share the same goal and purpose—together, we’ll thrive.