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You know that blissful feeling when you’re so relaxed you aren’t sure if you’re asleep or awake? It’s usually a hard phenomenon for me to reach, but the Gemstone Reflexology treatment I received at the Villas Health Center a couple of weeks ago put me in that state. I have been daydreaming about it ever since.

After a few stressful days with never-ending to-do lists and activities, I was not expecting to experience the sensation of utter relaxation, but I did. Before I got to the treatment, I could feel my shoulders rising and hips tightening with tension. It seemed like a long shot that a foot massage would help the rest of my body, but reflexology is far more special than a simple foot massage (which is already pretty great!). The treatment is elevated by using quartz crystals, which can improve circulation, relax the body, and reduce pain, helping to balance and purify energy, and stabilize emotions. As I discovered, what is good for the sole is good for the soul.

When I entered the treatment room, I laid face up on the massage table. My practitioner, Josefina, placed an eye cover over my eyes and had me take deep breaths of rose oil to calm my mind and prepare me for the 50 minutes of blissfulness. It immediately calmed me down and got me to breathe deeper. Soon enough, as Josefina applied a jojoba oil and shea butter cream to my tootsies to moisturize and balance my skin’s PH, I realized I was breathing all the way into my feet.

Beginning with my left foot, Josefina used different sizes and shapes of gemstones to alleviate tension I didn’t realize I had. My feet don’t usually feel sore when I walk, but when she started accessing pressure points, sensations shot through my whole body. The spots of tenderness informed me of energy blockages I was unaware of. As she accessed various points with the gems, I sunk deeper into the table. She even took the time to massage each of my toes individually, and I was shocked by how wonderful that felt. When my left foot was sufficiently soft and the sensations had surrendered, she repeated the process on my right foot.

50 minutes is an awfully long time to devote to feet. I don’t think I’ve ever shown mine as much love as they received in this treatment. Now that I know how divine it is to focus on my feet, I will be sure to pay more attention to them in the future. I didn’t walk out of the room, I glided, in a nearly trance-like state, with my head held high and my best foot forward. Becoming firm in my foundation helped me lighten my load. For that, I am so grateful.

The footnote in this treatment is really the subject. Thank you, from the bottom of my feet, to Josefina and the Villas Health Center for allowing me to try this treatment.