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Vacation Like a Pro

Ah, vacation—the sweet promise of escape from the daily grind, a chance to unwind, recharge, and create lasting memories. Yet, for many, what should be a blissful break often turns into a stressful ordeal. From overpacked itineraries to unexpected illnesses, the pitfalls of vacationing can leave even the most enthusiastic travelers feeling exhausted. But fear not! With a few simple strategies, you can transform your vacation experience from chaotic to carefree and truly vacation like a pro.

1. Embrace the Art of Doing Nothing

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to truly vacation is the relentless pursuit of productivity. We are so accustomed to constantly doing, achieving, and ticking off tasks that the mere thought of doing nothing feels foreign, even unsettling.

We know self-care is essential. Yet, why can it be so hard to focus on? The constant state of busyness could come from society’s glorification of getting things done or an entanglement of our identity being connected to what we do. The key is identifying what it is for you to support you in making a change.

Shifting the productivity pattern starts by looking at your relationship with being busy. What benefits do you gain from being busy all the time? Is it tied to your self-worth? Does it distract you from something else?  

No answers are right or wrong. It is about illuminating what busyness means to you so you can make shifts if you want to. When you do, you can lounge by the pool at Rancho La Puerta with Mount Kuchumaa in the background, the only item on your agenda being to soak up the sun, take a nap, and let the day take you away. Pure bliss, right? So, toss that to-do list aside and give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing. 

Reflection: How could I “do” less?

2. Set Boundaries (Yes, especially on vacation)

In today’s hyperconnected world, the line between work and leisure has become increasingly blurred. Emails, calls, and notifications follow us wherever we go, infiltrating even our most sacred of sanctuaries—our vacation time. But remember, boundaries aren’t just for the office; they’re crucial for maintaining your sanity while on holiday.  

So, before you jet off to your dream destination, establish clear boundaries for yourself and stick to them religiously. Take Rancho La Puerta’s invitation to live device-free for the entire week. Turn off those work notifications, resist the urge to check your email every five minutes, and leave your laptop at home for the love of relaxation. Your mental well-being will thank you.  

Boundaries have the added benefit of giving other people a chance to step up in your absence. You are also modeling to others how to maintain a healthy, balanced life. What better gift to give than that?

Reflection: What boundary could I set to live in balance?

3. Slow Down

In our fast-paced world, we’re often guilty of treating travel like a checklist, rushing from one landmark to the next in a frantic bid to see and do it all. But in doing so, we miss out on the true essence of exploration—the opportunity to immerse ourselves fully in the sights, sounds, and flavors of a new destination.

Instead of trying to cram as much as possible into your itinerary, why not embrace the art of slow travel? Take the time to savor each moment, get lost, linger in quaint cafes, strike up conversations with locals, and meander down cobblestone streets without a care in the world. Trust me, the memories you’ll create will far outweigh the number of attractions you visit.

Reflection: What could I change, inside or out, to support slowing down in my life?

4. Make the Unexpected Snafus Your Souvenirs

Let’s face it—no matter how meticulously you plan, there’s always the chance that something will go awry. From missed flights to lost luggage to the dreaded vacation illness, unforeseen mishaps are an inevitable part of the travel experience. But rather than letting them ruin your trip, why not see them as an opportunity for adventure?

Embrace the unexpected twists and turns, laugh at the absurdity of it all, and take comfort in the fact that they will make the best stories to tell for life. Think of the snafus as your souvenirs.

Reflection: How can I change this grit into a pearl?

Vacationing like a pro isn’t about ticking off items on a sightseeing checklist or cramming as much as possible into your itinerary. It’s about embracing idleness, setting boundaries, and learning to savor each moment, whether it’s spent exploring ancient ruins or simply lounging by the pool with a good book. So go ahead, and give yourself permission to relax, recharge, and vacation like the pro you were always meant to be. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.

Jessica Zemple helps people shuck open their shells of fear with love to let their pearls shine, leading to a more fulfilling life! 

Jessica Zemple founded Life Shucker and helps individuals and organizations find their deeper purpose and translate that into authentic success through transformative coaching, workshops, and retreats. Jessica is also a keynote speaker and has written for Huffington Post, Inc., and Thrive Global. Jessica’s life coaching philosophies and techniques have been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Inc.

This Minnesotan-born yippie, yuppie hippie, now finds herself in San Diego traveling off the beaten path, hiking around the world, cycling the California coast, and spending time with the ones she loves when not shucking. Her favorite letter is “S.” She has seen four sunrises in one day and feels like she won the lottery with Bob Marley as her spirit guide.