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7 Tips for a New Year, New You

Here at The Ranch, it seems that every day can be considered a chance for a “restart”.  With over 50 daily classes in mind, body, and spirit there are countless activities and lessons to help us achieve our best selves.  However, one cannot deny the energy that a New Year brings.  It certainly is a chance to reflect on what is not working and what changes could be made for the better.  So with 2015 right around the corner, we bring you 7 tips for a “New Year, New You”…

  1. Move Around Daily – This is a must for keeping your body youthful and agile.  Moving around, exercising or working out flushes toxins from your lymphatic system, keeps the blood flowing and reduces stress.
  2. Create a Digital Detox – The need to “unplug” has been a huge topic in 2014.  Many of us feel overwhelmed by the role technology is playing in almost every facet of our lives.  The term digital detox is becoming more and more popular as our addiction to technology grows, yet leaves us feeling exhausted and empty.  Create Your Own Digital Detox Day to spend time with loved ones, explore nature and exercise.
  3. Breathe Deeply – Our founder, Deborah Szekely, speaks about this in her weekly talk at The Ranch, Aging by Choice.  She says that many of us are oxygen deprived because we live a sedentary lifestyle.  Fresh oxygen is essential for good health and brain function.  If you are sitting, be aware of your breathing.  Breathe deeply through your nose into your belly rather than short shallow breaths for optimal oxygen absorption
  4. Eat Your Veggies – No doubt this age old saying will never go away.  Why? Because veggies are essential for preventing common diseases like cancer, stroke, and heart disease.  Making fresh organic veggies the bulk of your daily diet will help keep your body long and lean.  Learn more about the benefits in our post, Are You Eating Your Veggies?
  5. Take a Meditation Break – Earlier this year we wrote about the Meditation Break Challenge where we asked you, our readers, to take a 10 minute break for meditation when you were feeling anxious or overwhelmed.  This technique can be used to calm your mind in any situation and is great for daily afternoon break.
  6. Create a Morning Wellness Routine – The way you start your morning is essential for good energy the rest of the day.  Get up a little earlier and treat yourself before rushing out the door.  Your body and mind will thank you.  Details are in one of our most popular posts, Creating a Morning Wellness Routine.
  7. Find Bliss Daily – Sometimes it’s up to ourselves to create happiness instead of waiting for happiness to find us.  In 2015, take the time to discover bliss in everyday moments.  It will calm your mind and open your heart.

We hope you find these 7 tips useful in 2015.  We feel the best is yet to come in the New Year!

Follow these tips for the best “you” yet!


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