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Finding Bliss in Everyday Moments

Something recently occurred to me.  I was in yoga class, deep in concentration and flow.  It was a hard class, but at the same time, completely blissful.  I found myself thinking, why can’t every moment be like this?

The answer that came back to me was, “Why can’t it?”  So at the end of class during Shavasana, deep in relaxation, I asked myself: Why not try to find bliss in everyday moments—especially moments that would normally be filled with busyness and stress? I realized that bliss happens when I don’t take life so seriously and just let it flow.  The everyday stresses of life,whether at home, on the job or running around doing errands, are not life or death.  Although sometimes we act like they are.

Imagine the consequences of what happens if you don’t get everything done that you wanted to, if you arrive somewhere late or if you do something wrong.  Life always goes on.  There might be a little bit of pain to deal with, but ultimately, you will have forgotten about the situation hours or days later.  It’s certainly not worth the stress and anxiety that we add to it, is it?

Bliss occurs when judgment is absent.  It can occur when things don’t go as planned and when expectations are not met.  If we can release the constant state of expectations we put on ourselves and just live, we release stress and anxiety as well.  And when I say “live,” I mean finding contentment in even the most mundane things as well, such as taking out the trash or driving to work.

Here are some steps that may help you find bliss, contentment and happiness in everyday moments:

  1. Let go of all expectations.  Know that you are a human and not a machine!
  2. Stop thinking about what’s next on the to-do list.  Finish one thing and then move on to the next.
  3. Clear your mind of negative thoughts and focus your attention on things that bring you happiness.
  4. Be meditative in the present moment. Use all five senses to observe your surroundings.
  5. Don’t judge yourself. Judgment can bring on even more stress.
  6. Be understanding when someone makes a mistake or takes actions that don’t live up to your expectations. There will be times when you will want the same understanding from others.

We all have a lot on our plates, but we only have a short amount of time to enjoy this life.  So I have a challenge for you (and also myself)…try choosing to react to life with bliss. It may not be easy, but it’s certainly something we can be conscious of.  Let’s see what sort of blissful experiences we can have!