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January at Rancho La Puerta

Reflecting on our lives at the end of the year is as natural as bears hibernating. The idea of getting warm and cozy while our thoughts percolate and settle has a certain appeal. It’s an opportunity to learn from the past and celebrate new beginnings. A good first resolution is to open your heart to the new year and open your mind to opportunities for joy.

December 30 – January 5

The Sweet 16 Workout with Brett Hoebel

Start the year feeling good. Brett Hoebel brings his Sweet 16 workout to The Ranch this week. You may know Brett from his TV appearances or contributions to Shape or Women’s Health. “Fit doesn’t have a size, a weight or a shape,” says Brett. “ It has a feeling.” The classes are suitable for all fitness levels. See more.

January 6 – 12

Discover Your Soul’s Masterpiece with Catriona Reed and Michele Benzamin-Miki

Take a journey for your soul with Catriona Reed and Michele Benzamin-Miki. Apply neuroscience with ancient practices of meditation, mindfulness, and dream work to unlock your inner creativity and let go of fear. Self-care for the year begins here. See more.

January 13 – 19

Socially Conscious Television with Josh Berman

Can a single act of kindness change the world? Do you have that power? Join writer and producer Josh Berman for three amazing lectures on beauty myths, small acts of kindness, and overcoming grief with examples from his award-winning TV shows. Learn to be the star of your life. See more.

January 20 – 26

Iyengar Yoga with Janet Macleod

Embrace joy this week with Iyengar Yoga Instructor Janet MacLeod. Combining the technical skills of proper asana with joy and love, this will be a great week to further your manifestation of happiness through open-hearted yoga. Namaste! See more.

January 27 – February 2

Mexico- The Myth and the Reality with James Clark

Viva Mexico! Have you thought about retiring in Mexico but were afraid to ask or didn’t know where to begin? Join James Clark for an exploration of retiring in Mexico. James comes with an understanding of our diverse cuisine, vital economy, and history to help you discover retirement opportunities in Mexico. See more.

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