Mind Body Spirit - Rancho La Puerta

Be all that you are.

Challenge your body in fitness classes. Trek majestic mountain trails. Try a new sport. Splash in sparkly, warm waters. Learn the latest in health, psychology, science, culture and cuisine. Sink into a guided meditation, art class or chamber concert. Rest in the serenity of our legendary spas. We know you’re multi-faceted. We’re here to nourish all of you.

Instructor Led Classes

Rancho La Puerta over 50 instructor lead classes a day, including: yoga and sunrise mountain hikes, mindful meditation, sound healing, crystal bowl therapies, fitness classes anything from HIIT to trail running to dance, and creative art classes and nature tours.

This was my 7th visit and I know not my last…From the moment you drive in through the gates to the day you leave, every single moment, every single encounter, every single hike, every single activity, every single spa service and every single meal is a delight to the senses.

– Sharon B.

The food, the treatments, the classes, the activities and the relaxed elegance of the environment provide the healing, nurturing environment that recharges and sustains. The staff is so genuinely dedicated to making sure the guests are happy! It is the gift that keeps on giving.

– LoveLifeLiveTraveler

Barry Shingle

Regina Aguilera M.S.. L.Ac.

Coco Bennett

Kym Hoy

Alejandro Valencia

Hazel Stricker

Manuel Velazquez

Jennifer De Marco

Connie Bennett

Aileen Sheron

Adam Gallo

DeRahn Johnson

Neil Mallinson

Cathleen Murakami

Phyllis Pilgrim

Mike Bee

Jill Thiry