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Creating A Prayer Arrow

One of the things I love about the Ranch is the diversity of classes, activities and projects offered here.  It’s truly well-rounded and never ceases to amaze me.  It’s not just the classes, but also the instructors that teach them that make every activity so special.  This was definitely the case with the Prayer Arrow class offered in the Main Lounge.

The class is taught by Tim Hinchliff who also makes all the beautiful yarn paintings around the Ranch.  Tim is just one of those people who was born to teach.  His enthusiasm is infectious and he’s such a great story-teller.  During the class he told us legends of the indigenous people of Tecate and also the history of the area.

The prayer arrow is something that you create with intention.  You can either write a goal for yourself or a prayer for someone you know, or it can even be a thank you put out into the universe.  Tim provides all the supplies to make the prayer arrow; a stick or branch, yarn, crystal, feathers, dried herbs and rice paper.  First we picked out two feathers for the end of the arrow.  Then we wrote our intention on the rice paper which we wrapped around the stick.  Then we wrapped the yarn around the entire stick so that you can’t see the rice paper and it also secures the feather to the stick.  When that’s done, you pick whatever dried herbs you want (I picked lavender and sage, each herb has different spiritual properties) and tie that to the stick along with the crystal.  The crystal actually creates energy to give life to your intention.

I gave my prayer arrow to my husband with a prayer that I wrote special for him.  It makes a great gift!  Actually there was a woman there who makes them every time she comes to the Ranch and she swears that they work!  If you have a chance to make a prayer arrow with Tim next time you’re down at the Ranch, I highly recommend it.  It’s such a special community experience and you have something neat to bring home.