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The Energy Balance Massage

The Energy Balance Massage…my first one at the Ranch! Aracelia was my massage therapist. She was adorable and tiny.  She only reached up to my shoulder (and I’m only 5’3), but strong!

This massage is one of the Ranch’s most popular, however I didn’t know much about it. It was a surprise. First I spent some time relaxing in the women’s lounge in one of those big fluffy chairs with the blankets? You know what I’m talking about. I could have easily fell asleep (that room is so relaxing), but luckily Arcelia came and got me for the massage. She led me down the serene hallway with Mexican tile and soft music playing in the background to a little quaint room lit with candles.

This is what the Energy Balance Massage consists of:

“Experience an amazing Holistic Therapy that opens and cleanses energy canals to relax, muscles and ease emotions. Helps to free of any negative energy that may be limiting your mind and spirit.  Cleanses your Aura and balances your chakras.

A blend of Orange Blossom and a Mexican lotion, patchouli incense, Olive Oil, Native fresh herbs from our gardens.  An Altar Ritual that includes pink, white, and purple candles; a Tree of Life, and the 5 elements (water, earth, fire, metal and air).”

The massage began with her working the reflexology points on my feet which felt amazing! I love foot massages, they’re my favorite. What I especially loved about the Energy Balance massage was that nothing seemed rushed. She spent so much time on my feet which desperately needed it and then moved on to the legs, arms, shoulders, head…it was heavenly and seemed to last forever. After the actual massage, I was brushed with damp herbs which was extremely refreshing and was then left to relax or fall asleep.

I love that it was 90 minutes and that the pace was not in haste at all. That’s my biggest complaint with most massages. Plus Arcelia was amazing! I felt so refreshed afterwards. My muscles that usually feel sore from sitting at a computer too long or sore from working out desperately needed this!