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Creating a Nighttime Wellness Routine

Morning and night are two of the most important times of day. I described my morning ritual in my Creating a Morning Wellness Routine post.  Now it’s time to attend to the other end of the spectrum.

In some ways, a bedtime routine is similar to a morning routine.  You’re tending to your body and nurturing it, but for different reasons.  In the morning, you want to give your body time to wake up naturally.  At night, you need to let your body wind down from a long day.  Take things down a notch so your mind can relax and calm itself.

Turn your cell phone off at least an hour before bedtime.  Trust me, I know this is a hard thing to do.  It’s almost an automatic action to reach for your cell phone or iPad when boredom creeps in.  Resist!  During this hour, try not to look at any “screens” including the TV. Looking at cell phones, computers and TV screens stimulate brain activity and can make it harder to go to sleep.

Instead, treat yourself.  Light a candle and make some chamomile tea with a little honey. Snuggle up under the covers  and read a book.  Practice meditating.  These activities will calm you down and prepare you for slumber.

Every night before cleansing my face I give myself a mini-facial massage with coconut oil. It’s incredibly relaxing, and I often add a couple drops of lavender essential oil to the coconut oil for extra tranquility.

The ultimate way to relax before bed is to take a bath with calming essential oils such as lavender or jasmine.  This is the perfect time to light candles and enjoy herbal tea as well.

Find the best regimen that works to calm your mind and body and then tailor the routine so that you look forward to doing every night.  The possibilities are endless!