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Setting Intentions

The funny thing about setting intentions is that sometimes you don’t realize you’re doing it. It’s as simple as having your mind made up about something and following through. I’ve realized recently that many intentions that I had set previously are now happening in my life. All it takes is some focus and consistency.

Why I switched from making goals to setting intentions:

I prefer intentions over goals because sometimes when I set goals it feels like wishful thinking, whereas when I set intentions it makes my mind believe that the motions are already in process. For example, if I set a goal that I’d like to buy a house in 2016, it is typical of me to write it down in my journal and forget about it. But if I set an intention that I will buy a house in 2016, I’m already believing that this will happen, and am thinking about what I need to do to make this a reality.

I also relate writing goals to wanting things. There is nothing wrong with wanting things, but believing things are already a reality is much more powerful.

And that, I believe, is the main difference between intentions and goals. While a goal is often thought of as a desire to do or have something, an intention is a plan that is in action.

It may sound silly since these are two words describing similar things, but it is our observation of what these two words mean in our subconscious that create our reality.

So how do we create intentions?

There are many ways to set intentions. For me, I like to write them down as if they are already in progress.

“In 2014 I will be living by the beach in a small cottage.”

“In 2014 I will be publishing my first book.”

These vague examples are meant to give you ideas. I like to make my personal intentions a bit more detailed, but I also leave room for the universe to use it’s magic. I suggest that you not get too hung up on the details of your intentions in case they do not work out exactly as you have planned.  I find that once I go with the flow of my intention, things often work out better than I had aimed for.

After I write down my intention, I meditate on it for a bit and visualize it happening. Then I get to work at actually making it happen. This is where I believe that it’s already reality. I also visualize my intention daily to subconsciously help my intentions fall into place. Next, I take the physical steps to manifest my intentions. This follow through is what truly propels intentions into reality.

Steps for Setting Intentions:

  1. Write down your intention as if it’s a plan already in motion, rather than a desire.
  2. Meditate on or visualize your intention daily.
  3. Be intent on following through with your intention.  This can be done on a step-by-step basis.  What can you physically do today or this week with your intention?
  4. Believe your intention is already the reality that you are living today.  For example:  You may not be living in the house you aim to buy in 2016 at this moment, but you are already working, saving money, looking at areas you want to live in and knowing that you will be ready when the time comes.

Setting intentions is a practice.  It’s not easy to do at first but over time it becomes a natural and simple practice.   Once you get the hang of it, magic happens!